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Thomasina Burke Dedicates Bridge of Fire to Fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots

In Causes, Guest Blogger on July 9, 2013 at 10:16 pm

I am thrilled to welcome, once again, my guest, Thomasina Burke. With her usual show of compassion and generosity Thomasina is dedicating the full proceeds of her latest book to the family of one of the fallen firefighters of the recent Yarnell disaster.  Welcome to my blog, Thomasina.

Arizona recently suffered a terrible tragedy with the deaths of nineteen of our young firefighters who were battling a blaze in the Bradshaw Mountains on June 30, 2013. One of those was a hometown boy from the nearby small town of Crown King, Arizona. I had the honor to work with Tony Rose on the Crown King Fire Department for five years, an amazing young man who died a hero as part of the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew. I wrote about the dangers of fighting fires in the forests around Crown King in my recently published novel, Bridge of Fire, and I am dedicating this book to the memory of all of those men who perished in a firestorm while trying to save the small town of Yarnell.

The prequel to Bridge of Fire is Magic Bridge, and it is available as a free Kindle download this week 07-09-13 through 07-13-13. Download here at Amazon

Bridge of FireHow far would you travel to keep a promise to someone you love? The tiny hamlet of Crown King, Arizona is the setting for this story about love, travel, and completing an epic journey. Bridgette Madden and Matt Decker crash into each other-literally-in the wilderness of the Bradshaw Mountains and begin a love story with each other, Arizona, and world travel. Their adventure circles the globe; castles in Germany, the gentle beauty of Ireland, Nepal’s Himalayas, the seas of Honduras, Italy’s shimmering Cinque Terre, and finally back to Arizona where it all began. Bridgette finds the strength to honor a commitment to her husband and return to the places they loved the best.

Bridge of Fire is now available for download on Kindle for $2.99 at Amazon

In Magic Bridge, Bridgette Decker travelled the world to fulfill a promise to her late husband, and completed an epic journey of commitment and adventure. Now, in Bridge of Fire, she must learn to travel through life on her own and find the strength to move forward in the face of adversity and insurmountable pain. Follow the indomitable Bridgette as she returns to the island of Roatan, Honduras, to change the lives of orphaned children, finding love once again in the least likely person. Cross the bridge of fire with her as she battles an inferno in Arizona, finally finding peace on the other side.

All proceeds from the sales of Bridge of Fire will be donated to Tony Rose’s fiancée, who is expecting their baby daughter in October.

Thanks, Amelia, and all of your readers for sharing and caring.

  1. Great sounding book and great cause. Best of luck Thomasina!

    Paul R. Hewlett

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