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Spotlight and Review|Pinterest for Business: a Complete, Updated Guide for Ultimate Success

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If you are not already on Pinterest – you should be. Personally, I am fast becoming addicted to this image-driven site, but it has often occurred to me that perhaps I am not using it to my best advantage, and I should really be benefitting from this phenomenon; not just having fun. After all, this is one of the fastest growing sites on the web, where users just love browsing image after image; it just screams “use me well”.

So I am more than pleased to welcome my guest, and dear friend, Christine Corretti, with her new book about just that subject. Knowing of Christine’s expertise on Pinterest and seeing her fast-growing numbers of followers, I couldn’t wait to buy this. And, I wasn’t disappointed.  (Please scroll down and read my review of this very insightful book).

Welcome to my blog, Christine, and thank you so much for being here and sharing your invaluable know-how.

Pinterest for Business - Book Cover

And now over to Christine to tell you a little more about her must-have book

Have You Joined Pinterest Yet?

Whether you are an author, small business or other entrepreneurial minded individual, you should consider joining Pinterest.  Why?  Simply put, the visual nature of Pinterest will take your advertising and promotion to new levels of efficacy.  As my new book, Pinterest for Business: a Complete, Updated Guide for Ultimate Success (2013) explains, there are many ways to design and curate a Pinterest Page that will attract and keep a massive consumer base.  Most of the methods I present in this text are new.  They are the result of much personal experimentation and truly work.

For example, if you are an author, your book boards should entice potential readers through strategic juxtapositions of word and image.  Consider creating one board for your first novel, cover included, along with a note about what inspired you to become an author and what your current writing projects are.  Book trailers are ideal as pins because they too make a lasting (visual) impression on the viewer.  Another board might feature a novel that has just been released.  Here, offer a plot “summary” whose ending can only be found on your website, where the reader will find an invitation and link to purchase the novel.

In short, Pinterest boards should not only drive traffic to your website, but also be windows that open up to little worlds of images that tell stories, offer friendships, etc. — all while showing who you are and what you do.

Now, I’d like to invite you to click on the following link to my book, open it and get a glimpse of what Pinterest has to offer you!  Amazon

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About the Author

Christine Corretti, Ph.D. is an art historian, artist, author, and Pinterest expert. Her appreciation and love of all things bookish and beautiful inspire her work and nearly every aspect of her life. “Pinterest for Business” is Christine’s second book to appear on Amazon. “A Father’s Wish: the Tale of King Big Bear the Fat,” which includes illustrations by the author, was her first. Both titles are available in paperback and digital editions on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

My Review of Pinterest for Business: a Complete, Updated Guide for Ultimate Success by Amelia Curzon

A lot of people find Pinterest a little overwhelming, and consequently are put off using it; and some… well, they just don’t get it. And, of course, many of us love it. Whichever camp you have a foot in, ‘Pinterest for Business’ explains simply and clearly the steps needed to succeed; from getting started, for absolute novices, through to maximizing your boards to increase your sales, for the more experienced pinner. In short, there is something for everyone. The book explains the value and the power of Pinterest, and how to harness that power. It gives a completely fresh take on how to make best use of the vast range of possibilities there are. It gives little known proven ways to get traffic and sales, and some impressive background information on those who have already succeeded.

The text takes you through each part step-by-step with the author using visuals of her own boards to illustrate just how to engage your audience by pinning strategically and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It is hard to go wrong. If you are in business it is a godsend. Though primarily it is for businesses, authors are not left out. Authors can learn how to build and make best use of their boards.  Simply uploading a book cover is no longer enough, but Christine proffers some very specific ideas on how to optimize your boards to draw traffic to your blog, and how to portray yourself and let people get to know you. It’s a bit like Facebook really, but with pictures. And, to quote the author; “in the near future Pinterest’s following will be explosive. So now is the time to establish your Page and curate your best content”

I like the way this book is written; reading it was like having a tête-à-tête with the author. I bought the book not just to find out how to use Pinterest properly, as I am fairly new to it, but also to learn how to make the most of it. And I have learnt a lot. Though there are other books on offer addressing the same subject, Christine’s book on Pinterest is the one I have found easiest to understand, and the most helpful, and the one I now constantly refer to. Since I have been using it I have, slowly but surely, increased my followers and am getting hundreds of repins every day, and referrals to my website. I consider that a success. Kudos to Christine for her originality here as well.  A great book!



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  3. I’m not on Pinterest since I’m still trying to figure out Goodreads and Google+, but this is a great post and Christine’s book sounds like the one to have when I get there.

    • You will enjoy it when you do, Bette. It is a great place to be and it’s also a lot of fun. Let me know when you get there. I will look forward to seeing your pins. Thanks for dropping by and your unending support ~ Amelia 🙂

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