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Bullfight Protest in France Met with Thuggish Police Response – Please Protest

In Amelia Curzon blogs on October 31, 2013 at 7:38 pm

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Source The Daily Maul
By David A. Brensilver

The bull-fighter … has merely demonstrated that he is a butcher with balletic tendencies.” — Brigid Brophy, “The Rights of Animals,” Sunday Times (London), Oct. 10, 1965.

State-sanctioned public executions were carried out in France this past weekend, while jackbooted police used tear gas to repel horrified protesters. Thuggish French officials would explain that such violence was necessary to defend cultural expression and the creation of art. That the French government defends bullfighting — legislatively, rhetorically, and forcibly — is totally unacceptable.

While the bloodsport is illegal in France, the country’s Neanderthal influence peddlers and policy-makers made sure a few years ago that barbarians in certain regions could conduct their savagery without legal consequence — and with defiant government support.

The politicians and those for whom they’ve enthusiastically bent over have argued that these legal exemptions were codified in…

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