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Tea for Two by Diane Cimine

In Guest Blogger, Poetry on February 14, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Diane Cimine featured on Carte Blanche by Amelia CurzonI lost my dear brother to cancer a few months ago.  He had been living in New York with his partner of 7 years, and while oceans apart we have supported each other in our grief.  Recently she shared a poem she wrote in her bereavement group and it so touched me, I asked if I might post it here on my blog. Although it takes many forms, grief is a universal language.

Tea for Two

When are you coming home?
You’ve been away too long
I’ve pruned and polished every corner
Sifting and sorting the useful from the never used and badly worn
Making more space, allowing more light

You’d be proud how I managed to work the DAC
See – I was watching when you thought I couldn’t care less about
Your Audio System
True – I’d rather be outside in the sun, running through the rain
It makes me feel alive

But tea for 2 at 4 was our place in the middle
You’d ask ‘shall I put on the kettle?’ which would always make me laugh
Just make the tea, please and pour it into the matching cups
Blue calm elephant for you
Black hyper elephant for me

We’d sit silently, serene and content
Nowhere to go, nothing to do, a simple perfect moment that wove us together
It’s 4pm now and I’ve put on the kettle
One cup sits waiting rather than two
When are you coming home?

Diane Cimine – 2013

Elephant Teacups

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