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How Do You Become a Successful Writer?

In Re-blogs on July 9, 2013 at 12:48 pm

I’m with Joanne all the way on this one, but finishing my second book has proved to be a much harder task than I thought. Plod on regardless is obviously the best policy.

Joanne Wadsworth

inspiration 5

Sooo true. 🙂

The most important thing I’ve learnt, is if I want to become a successful writer, there’s one thing I must do.

You’ve probably guessed it, right?

It’s write. Write. Write.

Writing one book won’t bring in the bucks.

Writing two probably won’t either.

Oh, but having three, now that’s usually the turning point.

Yep, I’ve heard a lot of authors, as well as professionals in our industry, say with an author’s third book’s release, comes the change we’re all after — an increase in readership numbers. As writers, that’s what we’re all after. We want our books to be read, for people to enjoy them, to embrace our stories as we have.

So, I’m counting down those days. My second book, WARRIOR, releases in only eight weeks. My third book follows a few months after that, and my fourth, in the first half of next year. And so it shall go…

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