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Beware of all foods from China!

In Amelia Curzon blogs on January 14, 2014 at 7:23 pm

This is an absolute must read – including the comments section!

Fellowship of the Minds

I received the following email from a trusted friend, Sol Sanders, who’s a longtime Asia correspondent. The information in the email is also consistent with what I’ve researched on the net. “USDA approves import of chicken processed in China despite safety concerns” has a list of Chinese food safety incidents which reads like a horror story.

I’ve long stopped buying any foods — produce, frozen seafood, canned — from China. After reading this email, I will also stop buying any foods, esp. seafood, imported from S.E. Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia because, as I had suspected, they’re probably disguised “made in China” foods all along.

Sol has an addendum to the email about nori— an edible seaweed: “Also there is a problem with nori now — Korean nori which is widely sold in Japan and sometimes marked ‘made in Japan’ when it arrives at…

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  1. I’ve been concerned about this for some time from other things I have read. Scary stuff! 😦

  2. All I can say to this is WOW! and Thanks!

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