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UK FRIENDS – URGENT ALERT: The government is trying to extend the badger cull, they CANNOT be allowed to continue killing badgers! Please urgently contact Natural England on and 0300 060 0550 (same cost as ringing a landline and you can use free minutes to call), to express your concerns and voice your objection to an extension being granted.. Some points to keep in mind while writing/calling: * The vast majority of the British public are against this cull and there will be a huge uproar if Natural England grant the extension * The governments own scientists have said a cull will not work * DEFRA have been caught out lying, initially they said the cull was a trial to see if culling would help prevent bTB which is why they were insistent that 70% of the badgers were killed as any less would actually spread the disease faster. When questioned why none of the badgers will be tested for bTB they then said the trial is to test the humaneness of the cull, not the effectiveness. If this is the case then why do then “need” to kill so many? * DEFRA have refused to release information on the humaneness of the cull to the Humane Society despite a ruling from the Information Commissioners. * DEFRA are now saying there are fewer badgers in the area than they initially thought which means the culls were nearly successful, how did they come to this decision and why had they over calculated so drastically initially? * Why are shot badgers not being tested for bTB? * If DEFRA had reached their quota they will have killed every badger in the two counties. * How will Natural England justify giving an extension. This is critical, please share this, the badgers need your voice!

In Amelia Curzon blogs on October 10, 2013 at 10:31 am

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