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I’ll be Donating Profits From My Book Sales to No-Kill Animal Shelter in USA and Siberian Tiger Rescue in Russia

In Amelia Curzon blogs on September 19, 2013 at 2:15 am

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Each of the books I’ve written is about justice, peace and/or kindness amid the most adverse circumstances. Most of my books feature amazing and beautiful animals, both wild and domestic. I am very passionate about the beauty of our Mother Earth and about her animals being treated with respect and care they deserve.

THE EARTH SHIFTER features one of the miracles of Lake Baikal – its endemic seals (Nerpa), Siberian Bear, wolves, White Eagle, as well as the majestic Siberian Tiger; both STEPFORD USA and GOLD TRAIN feature rescued super-intelligent and heroic cats and dogs; and even my sci-fi novelette CATHARSIS includes a note of warning against cruelty and about the need for animal protection and preservation.

For a while, I’ve been considering donating profits from my book sales to a no-kill animal shelter and animal rescue in New York State, USA and in Siberia, Russia. I’ve done some research…

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