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Why are the morally bankrupt so hell-bent on our destruction?

In Amelia Curzon blogs, Environmental awareness on September 9, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Sunrise and forest

I am fiercely passionate about the environment. I believe,  as many do,  we are destroying the planet for future generations, either through ignorance or simply for the sake of profit; and much more needs to be done to target these flaws.

Despite conservationists,  environmentalists and other scientists perpetually seeking and finding new ways to halt the various contributing factors;  man,  in many cases,  will not cease to destroy what is there unless he is either educated,  in the case of those who are not, or his greed is tempered,  in the case of those involved in major corporations.

Without a sustainable environment,  there will be no planet left for the rapacious and the ill-informed to pillage.

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