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Children’s Book of the Week: Ode to Icky

In Children's Book of the Week on October 30, 2012 at 1:31 am

Ode to Icky by Maranda Russell - Book cover

Another great find!  This week’s featured work is the delightful, Ode to Icky by Maranda Russell, which will undoubtedly appeal to young children and parents alike. With its lovable and lazy protagonist and its very resourceful heroine, I think many a young reader may be set to thinking about how to bulk out their pocket money – so keep a vigilant eye on the pets!

Please come over and read more about this great little book at Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

  1. I also had a giggle or 2 in reading about this book. Well done on the review, it is now on my list to pick up! Another one we picked up recently that we’ve been reading together as part of family time is “A Mango in the Hand” by Antonio Sacre. It’s told in proverbs so it’s been great for starting conversations with the girls about what they’ve learned. You can find it at, if anyone else checks it out I’d love to hear what kinds of responses you get from your kids.

  2. I chuckled all the way through the reviews and thought the illustrations were great. Know this book will be a favorite of readers and listeners alike. KUDOS! Bette

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