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Faceless or Face-to-Face!

In Amelia Curzon blogs, Customer Service, Shopping on June 9, 2012 at 1:16 am

For many months now I have been enjoying the posts of my wonderful Guest Bloggers, so I thought it was time to put forward something I feel passionately about.

There are many things that move me, either to tears, to anger, or perhaps even to shame. But one thing which passionately pushes all the wrong buttons is the deplorable  lack of good old-fashioned courtesy found in today’s society.  More specifically, the lack within the ironically named ‘retail customer service industry’. I speak here of my experiences in the United Kingdom, where such behaviour has become endemic.

I find there are only two ways to successfully purchase goods nowadays; online or in person. One way is faceless. The People shoppingother way we are able to meet and interact with those we give our hard-earned cash to.  But which is preferable?

Personally, I am in no doubt the internet is now the best option.  It tends to our requests immediately, it thanks us for our custom, it usually follows things up in a proper and acceptable manner, and it doesn’t even think of insulting us or our intelligence.

Many shops, on the other hand, (though certainly not all, and a great deal do provide a wonderful retail experience to go with the therapy of parting with our money) are far too quick to treat their customers as though they are a nuisance.

Employees often have a tremendous amount of difficulty looking up from their magazines or ending conversations with friends on their mobile phones, or whatever grabs their attention – which eventually may be you or me.  When attention is drawn, we are not met with “good morning, how may I help you?”, or the like.  It errs more towards a simple, cheerless, questioning “yes?”  And don’t even dare to ask for something you cannot see on the shelf or the rail, even if it is advertised.  They may have to get up off their ***** and find it.

Bad news!  Because those who do care about what they do are in danger of being painted with the same brush.

Well, call me picky and outdated if you will, but I like receiving a modicum of attention when I enter a shop, and I like to be made to feel welcome.  I like someone asking if they can help me (albeit to spend my money), and I really, really do like to hear please and thank you.

Faceless shoppersSo, in short, I am sticking to the happier faceless option of the internet, and those places I previously patronised on a face-to-face basis will have to look elsewhere for their custom. They won’t be getting mine again.

I’m off to Google my needs!

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  1. I agree with you, Amelia 🙂 I really wish that retail would put the Service back in customer service.

    • I am so glad that I now devote my time to writing and publishing my books and caring for my family. If a person’s heart isn’t into serving someone else, they should not deal with the public. My heart was there, but more of it is at home, serving my loved ones and spreading the love through my books.

    • I suppose it must be the world over then, Tara! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. I think it goes both ways. I used to work as a cook/dietary aid in the local hospital. I was often called upon to wait on people who were coming through the line to buy food.
    I was always pleasant and helpful. I always had a smile on and made them feel welcome. Yet, there were at least three of these “professional” people who treated me and my fellow workers as if we were mud beneath their shoes.
    It broke my heart. I had never been treated like I was nothing, simply because of the job I did for a living.
    Not knowing what to do, but unwilling to allow things to go on as they were, I put even more effort into making them feel welcome and appreciated. I often baked a special desert for them, or asked them what they would like to see on the menu.
    Eventually, they even thanked me. I responded that I knew they had a hard job, and that I was just trying to show my appreciation.
    They said they did not always receive that level of effort and appreciation. As a result, they had learned to put their guard up and be more aggressive.

    • Thanks for your comments, Maxine. I agree, it’s not totally one-sided. The world seems to be full of aggressive and unfriendly people. And there are some I have seen in restaurants who treat the waiting staff appallingly. I am like you though, I always try to be courteous, though it can be difficult, and I always smile.Thank you for sharing your story about the hospital. You are obviously a very kind person.:)

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