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My First Blog

In Marketing on September 3, 2011 at 1:53 pm


My First Blog – possibly the worst on the net – but I’m trying!

This is my very first blog…so here goes (as I sit here listening to Radio 2 and a glorious hour of Eric Clapton).

I’m sure I’ll make many mistakes as I drivel on, but I’ll soon learn.  Right now the thing which occupies my mind so fully is how anyone will ever know about my book sitting there on the shelves of Amazon.  Trouble is, it all sounds so easy to start with.

I’ve written the book, which I’ve put all I have into, and then, since my book is self-published on Kindle, I have to market it myself.

Horror of horrors. Someone is actually telling me to get on with it alone. This is a real problem.  I am not very familiar with computers and all the computer ‘speak’ has just left me out in the cold.  But I’ve persevered, read all about it, taken all the advice available and ploughed on.

Network – alt tags, network – ad-words, network – buttons, network – build a website, network – add to other sites and so on and so on.  All so time-consuming and so far fruitless. Though I must say I have really enjoyed tweeting and ‘meeting’ people on Twitter and finding friends on Facebook and LinkedIn, and all the others too numerous to mention, but no-one still seems to either know nor care about my extremely well written and funny children’s book.  Not one review.  I wouldn’t mind, but my book in no way patronises children, some of the words are far too long for that, it simply seeks to entertain them and ask them to think carefully about the rights and wrongs of deforestation.

Well that’s my gripe for now.  I’m saving the rest for next time in case I can’t think of anything else to say.  Don’t suppose anyone will see my blog either.  What can you do?

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